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Powerful Schedule/Instant Posting

Using Socializer you can schedule all your posts to anytime you want, Upload all your images at once using Google Drive or Drop Box integration or just upload them from your desktop, also you can import any image directly from the web using it's URL address.

While your are posting you can add captions and save them so you can use them next time you are planning your posts.

Instagram Auto Follow

Auto Follow is a very useful feature when it comes to growing your instagram account, you can easily set your Instagram account to follow people with specific criteria, you will always follow the right users and get some follow back as well.

You can follow other users based on #Hashtags or locations and also here is an option called "People" to let you follow recent followers of any selected user.

Auto Unfollow

When you ready to clean you account from unwanted followings you will need this feature to save your time, you can easily unfollow all or you can set a white-list of users not to auto unfollow.

Safely unfollow people to meet up with Instagram best practices using our carefully programed auto unfollow timing.

Instagram Auto Repost

There is no time to create you own content? Auto Repost feature will let you publish temporary posts from other users based on hashtags, location and usernames, this way you can focus on your main tasks and let people like and comment your freshly reposted content on autopilot.

You can set your reposted content to be auto removed after a certain hours, day or you can just set it to Never.

Auto Like & Auto Comment

Gain more exposure and drive people to view your profile by liking and commenting on their content automatically based on #Hashtags, places and people.

Write comments and save them to use them when you need to start a campaign.

Pro tip: you can also use Emojis 😉

Instagram Auto DM (Direct Message)

One of the most useful features is Auto Direct Message, you can send automatic direct messages to welcome new followers and promote your offers or drive free traffic to your website, all you need to do is predefine your messages and we'll handle the rest.

Write your messages and customize them using personalized variables like username or fullname, your message won't look like an Automated Message.

Post Manager

Manage all your account from one place, edit your profile and view your posts with the option to delete them directly from your Gramcraft account.

Now there is no need to check your phone every time you need to view or edit your Instagram account.

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